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Q: Kobe Bryant or Lebron James who is the best?
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How many triple doubles does Kobe Bryant has?

As of before the 2009-2010 season, Kobe Bryant has more career points than Lebron James. To be exact, Bryant has 10,827 more points than James.

Who are the best in NBA?

its either Kobe Bryant or lebron James it depends

Who scored the most points out of Kobe Bryant and lebron James this year?

due Kobe the best of the best

Who the best out of Michael Jordan and LeBron James and Kobe Bryant?

I think Micheal Jordan is all the way!!!!!! L'ebron James and Kobe Bryant are very good too.

Who better Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade?

Kobe Bryant is good but.... He is not on Wades level... KObe is better than Lebron James,but is not on Dwade level. Lebron James travels everytime. Kobe has the best jumper in the nba. Dwayne Wade is the best all around guard in the N.B.A..................

Contrasting Kobe Bryant and LeBron James?

Kobe is by far the better player. lebron is not clutch at all. When it comes to game winners Kobe is the best in the game. That is the biggest difference.

What jersey number is the best for basketball?

I say 23 Lebron James or 24 Kobe Bryant

Who is the best player in NBA today who still plays?

The best basketball player that is playing currently is without a doubt, Lebron James. The best retired basketball player is Michael Jordan.

Who is the second best in nba?

1. Dwyane Wade 2. LeBron James 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Kevin Durant 5. Carmelo Anthony

Who is the best player in the NBA right now?

Kobe Bryant has no chance He SUCKS balls like crazy. It is definitely Lebron James.

Who the best player in the NBA right now?

Most will say Kobe Bryant of the Lakers or Lebron James of the Heat.

Who is the 2 best basketball player in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant from the LA Lakers, and Lebron James from the Clevelend Cavs