Kobe Bryant high school he

Updated: 12/18/2022
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He went to Lower Merion High School.

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Q: Kobe Bryant high school he
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Did Kobe Bryant finish high school?

yes Kobe did finish high school

What state is Kobe Bryant's high school in?


What was the name of the high school Kobe Bryant attended?

Kobe Bryant did not go to college. He went straight from Lower Merion High School (Ardmore, PA) to the NBA.

How many high school championships does Kobe Bryant have?


How did Kobe Bryant get involved in basketball?

he was good in high school

What level of education did Kobe Bryant reach?

high school

What is the value of a Kobe Bryant high school card?

about 6$

What high school did Kobe Bryant attend?

Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Who went from high school to the pros?

Kobe Bryant, lebron James

How was drafted right from high school in 1996 TO THE NBA?

Kobe Bryant was

Who was the high school basketball player to be drafted by the lakers?

Kobe Bryant

What high school did Kobe Bryant graduate from?

Lower Merion, PA