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Kobe Bryant's career high was 81 points against the Toronto Raptors

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Q: Kobe Bryant career high
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What is Kobe Bryant's career high in assists?


What is Kobe Bryant's assist career high?

6 assists

What is Kobe Bryant's career high?

81 points against the Raptors

What is Kobe Bryant's career playoff high?

two hundred thousand dollars

What is Kobe Bryant career high?

Kobe scored 81 points vs Toronto at home in 05/06 season

Where did Kobe Bryant graduate from high school?

Kobe Bryant graduated from Lower Merion High School.

Did Kobe Bryant finish high school?

yes Kobe did finish high school

Did Kobe Bryant get a degree?

No, Kobe Bryant never got a degree in college. He went straight into the NBA after high school.

How tall was Kobe Bryant in High School?

At 16, Kobe Bryant was a legend before he became a 5time NBA champion. Kobe was around 6'5'' in high school around his junior year.

Why did Kobe skip college?

Kobe Bryant was drafted into the NBA out of high school.

How tall was Kobe Bryant in his freshman year of high school?

In highscool Kobe Bryant (aka the Black Mamba) was only 5'5

Did Kobe Bryant go to college?

No. Kobe Bryant was taken in the 1996 NBA draft after completing high school at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

How high Kobe Bryant jump?

1.5 m

Did Kobe Bryant graduate high school?

yes he did

Is Kobe Bryant drafted out of high school?


What state is Kobe Bryant's high school in?


How many high school championships did Kobe Bryant win?

Kobe haa 2 championships

Is Kobe Bryant Asian?

No, Kobe isn't Asian. He isn't Italian either, but he did live in Italy for his childhood until he starting attending the high school he was drafted out of. (Lower Meroin High School) Kobe Bryant is African American.

College Kobe Bryant attended?

Kobe Bryant did not go to college. He went straight from Lower Merion High School (Ardmore, PA) to the NBA.

Who did Kobe Bryant take to his high school prom?

For his senior prom, Kobe Bryant took R&B artist brandy norwood

When did Kobe Bryant enter in NBA?

Kobe Bryant entered the draft right after high school in 1996, where he was the 13th overall pick by the Charolette Hornets.

What was Kobe Bryant's high school number?

Bryant's first high school number was 24 before he switched to 33

Where did Kobe Bryant go to college?

He didn't. Bryant went straight to the NBA from high school.

Kobe Bryant high school he?

He went to Lower Merion High School.

What high school was Kobe Bryant drafted from?

Lower Merion High (PA)