Kick off time of past Super Bowls?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Go to and summit your question, and happy super-bowl-Sunday! I hope the super bowl is a blast for you!

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Q: Kick off time of past Super Bowls?
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Will anyone air Super Bowl XLV a 2nd time?

The NFL Network often airs past Super Bowls, so you could check that channel.

What time has the most Super Bowls?


How many Super Bowls did demarcus ware played at?

DeMarcus Ware has not played in any Super Bowls. He was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys, and they have not qualified for the Super Bowl in that time.

How many Super Bowls did Bob Griese win?

Bob Griese is a two time Super Bowl champion. He won Super Bowls VII and VIII with the Miami Doplhins.

What time has won 6 Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Last time Arizona won Super Bowl?

Arizona has never won a super bowl, they are 0-1 in super bowls.

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers win seven Super Bowls?

Only time will tell.

How many Super Bowls in the superdome?

they generally just play one at a time

What year the last time 49 ers win Super Bowls?


What years did the NFL teams win 2 super bowls in a row?

1) Green Bay Packers - Super Bowls I and II (1966-1967 seasons). 2) Miami Dolphins - Super Bowls VII and VIII (1972-1973). 3) Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowls IX and X (1974-1975). 4) Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowls XIII and XIV (1978-1979). 5) San Francisco 49ers - Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV (1988-1989). 6) Dallas Cowboys - Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII (1992-1993). 7) Denver Broncos - Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII (1997-1998). 8) New England Patriots - Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX (2003-2004).

How many time redskin went to the Super Bowl?

The redskins have been to five super bowls and won three.

What is the Super Bowl kick off time in Europe?

1;30 am