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Seattle Mariners

Ken Griffey, Jr. RF - Jay Buhner DH - Edgar Martinez ... Sports > Baseball

> MLB Teams > Seattle Mariners > What was the lineup of the 1997 Seattle

mariners? ... If any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question, ...

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Q: Ken Griffey Jr played for which of these teams in 1997?
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How many playoff baseball teams has ken griffey jr played on?

Ken Griffey appeared in the postseason 3 times. He played in the 1995 ALDS, ALCS, the 1997 ALDS with the Seattle Mariners, and the 2008 ALDS with the Chicago White Sox..

How many games did baseball player Ken Griffey play as designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners in 1997?

Ken Griffey played in 4 games at designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners in 1997, starting in none of them. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

Ken Griffey Jr Home runs in 2008?

Ken Griffey hit 18 home runs for two teams in 2008. 15 with the Reds, and 3 with the White Sox.

Why did ken griffey jr like baseball?

One reason is that his father, Ken Griffey, also played major league baseball.

Who has played for the Seattle Mariners the longest?

Ken Griffey Jr.

Did Ken Griffey Jr play for the Marlins?

No. Ken Griffey Jr. has played with the Seattle Mariners (1989-1999) and the Cincinnati Reds (2000-present).

What was Ken Griffey Sr nickname?

Ken Griffey Sr. did not have a nickname.

Does ken griffey sr have kids?

Of Course Ken Griffey Jr

Teams ken griffy jr played for?

As of 2009. Ken Griffey Jr. played 21 seasons in the Major League for 3 different teams. He played 12 years with the Seattle Mariners from 1989 -1999, and 2009. He played with the Cincinnati Reds from 2000 -2008, and the Chicago White Sox in 2008 (41 games).

Did Ken Griffey Jr ever play with White Sox?

Yes. Ken Griffey Jr. played 41 games for the Chicago White Sox in 2008.

Were did ken griffey sr play?

He played for the Reds, Yankees and Mariners.

Who is better Jim Edmonds or Ken Griffey Jr?

Ken Griffey Jr