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While many people like to believe that, its high unrealistic.

Think about this. Your one person. And about four people can attack you at one time. Two in the front, two in the back. Now its going to be almost impossible to block the two in front. Now what about the back! Well lucky for you you have two eyes on the back of your head so your good to go!

Getting the picture? Or can I go further and say that you have two arms and two legs. And if your facing four enemies, your gonna be against 8 arms and 8 legs. I don't think you can block all that.

Plus we need to add on to the fact that your brain can only think so fast. When someone strikes they've already thought. "Ok I'm gonna strike with this hand here." But then you have to think "Ok he struck with that hand, he's aiming high, I'll block with this hand, and I'll block high"

By the time you though he's going high you probably just got smacked in the head. Well lucky you it just happened four times.

In the movies people "take turns" making it "possible" for you to defend them all off. In real life, everyone attacks at once. You only have so many limbs, you can only think so fast, and you can only do so much before your on the floor in pain.

In fact its impossible to take on two enemies unless your first strike knocks one of them out!

So the only advantage that Karate gives is that it teaches you HOW to use your hands and your feet. But were all still people who can only think so fast and do so much.

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Q: Karate- step outside your door and you face a million enemies?
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