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2.6 metres for a junior, related link

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Q: Junior basketball ring height
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Related questions

Does the height of a basketball ring vary depending on the age of the players?

no it is the same from college to pro. but junior high and high school are only 10ft i think.

What should be the height of basketball ring?

the standard size for basketball rings is 10 foot.

What is the height of a basketball hoop in metric measurements?

The basketball ring is meant to be a height of 10 feet or 3.08 meters.

What is the height of the basketball ring?

10 feet

How high is a standard height of a primary basketball ring?

The basketball hoop is 10ft tall

Height of basketball ring NBA?

The official height of an NBA basketball ring, is 10 feet from the court to the rim. It's also 10 feet for official high school and college courts! =)

What is the height of basketball RING?

About 10 feet high

What is the height of a womens basketball ring?

10 feet.

How far is the basketball ring from the top edge of the basketball board?

The regulation height for a basketball net is 10 feet.

What height is a pro basketball ring?

The height of a pro net is 10 ft high

What height should you set a basketball ring at?

In USA the offical height is 10 feet

Is the height of the ring in NBA and PBA basketball the same?


Height of basketball ring in PBA?

The basketball ring in PBA is said to be about 10 feet above the ground. This is approximated to be 3. 048 meters on meter scale.

Regulation height for second grade basketball ring?

10ft or 3m

What is the pba official height basketball ring?

3.05 metres

What is the height of a basketball ring?

1: its called a rim 2: the rim on a regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet

What height do netball hoops have to be for a 9 year old?

A full height ring is around 3m. A junior or modified ring is a bit over 2m.

What is the official height of the NBA basketball ring?

10 foot or 304.8 centimeters

What is the height of a professional basketball ring in inches?

120 inches, or 10 foot

What is the height of a basketball ring according to fiba rules?

10 feet tall

Height of under 12 basketball ring?

21 centimetre's, that was scientifically found

Height of pba ring in basketball?

the height is 12-13 foot

What is the standard height of a college basketball goal?

The ring is set at 10 feet high.

What is the height of basketball ring from ground for women?

10 feet just like the men

When installing a basketball ring how high should it be from the ground in centimetres?

Regulation height is 10 feet, or 304.8 cm.