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Q: Julius erving have a nba champship ring?
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How many carats is the nba champship ring?


Which NBA player had the nickname Doc?

Julius Erving

Why isn't Julius erving in nba 2k13?

Penis hole

Who was the first NBA player to slam dunk?

Julius erving

How old is Julius Erving?

NBA great Julius "Doctor J" Erving is 67 years old (birthdate: February 22, 1950).

Who was the first NBA player to score 38000 points?

Julius Erving

How many NBA championship rings does Julius Erving has as a player?


Who was the NBA MVP for the 1980-81 season?

Julius Erving, Philadelphia

What nba players wear number 6?

bill Russell, Julius erving

Did Julius erving have any siblings?

Yes Gunius Erving brother and julia Erving sister. and Michael erving been in the ABA since 1970-1976 and in the NBA 1977-1988

Who is the best player in the nba alltime?

Julius Erving,Michael Jordan,or Wilt Chamberlain

Did Julius erving become a doctor?

yes. he worked his magic in the nba from 1976-1987

Who intvinted the dunk on basketball?

Julius Erving brought the NBA its dunk and is better than Jordan. Jordan has done a free throw line dunk but Julius Erving invented the free throw line dunk. Julius"Dr J" Erving is the king of dunk. Check out youtube and type "Top 10 Julius Erving dunks". Enjoy.=)

How many NBA rings do dr j have?

Julius Erving won his only NBA championship with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1983.

Who became the third player in NBA history to score 30000 points?

Julius Erving in 1987.

What is Julius Erving most points scored in NBA and ABA game?

sixty-five points

What team did Julius erving play for?

Julius Erving played in both the ABA and the NBA. He played with 3 teams, first with the Virginia Squires, then the New York Nets, and finally, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Who are the NBA legends in the tmobile commercial?

the nba legends in the t mobile commercial are Charles barkley,magic Johnson, and Julius erving

Which nba player had the nickname dr.j?

Julius Erving. Ha made "slamdunks" famous in the 1960's

NBA the doctor?

"The Doctor" was Julius Erving's nick name. Another nick name for him was Dr. J

Who is the only basketball player to win ABA and NBA most valuable player awards?

Julius Erving

What NBA player wore number 6?

Julius Erving and Bill Russell are the most famous to wear 6.

Who do you think is will thte NBA champship this year?


What year did NBA player DR J retire?

Julius Erving a/k/a Dr. J retired after the 1987 season.

How many championships did Julius Erving win?

Dr J won one ring in NBA with the 76ers in 1983, in the ABA (the second league in importance) won two with the New York Nets in 1974 and 1976