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Yes, he graduated from Machine Trade and Medal High School

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Q: John carlos graduated high school
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" John Denver graduated from Heights High School."

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John attended Sunset Elementary School and graduated from Sunrise High School in May of 1980.

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What sholud be capitalized in John attended sunset elementary school and graduated from sunrise high school in may of 1980?

John attended Sunset Elementary School and graduated from Sunrise High School in May of 1980 should be the way the sentence is capitalized.

Where did John Denver Graduate High School?

John Henry Deutchendorf (Denver) Graduated from Arlington Heights High School in For Worth, Texas.

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yes in 1991 Leonardo DiCaprio graduated high school at john marshall high school

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Can't find his elementary school, but in 1935, Robinson graduated from Dakota Junior High School and then went to John Muir High School.

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how old would you be if you graduated from high school in 2017

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