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Q: Joe injured by the ball left the game -What is the Participle?
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What is the past participle of leave?

The past participle of leave is left.

When you are playeing pool and you have 1 ball left and the 8 ball and you hit your last ball in and also the 8 ball?

That is lose of game.

What is the past participle leave?

The past participle of leave is left.

How do you get one ball left on the marble solitaire game?

You try harder

What is the past participle of left?

Left is also the past participle as well as the simple past tense of the verb 'leave'.

How do you do a fire ball in powder game?

right click on fire then left click on ball then click onto the main monitor

In what game could you find a ball with the number eight written on it?

The 8-ball is the most well-known playing piece from the game of billiards (also called 'pool'). A famous variation of the game revolves around attempting to score with every ball except the 8-ball, until the 8-ball is the only ball left.

What is a participle of leave?

Leaving; left

What is the past tense and past participle of leave?

Left is the past tense and past participle of leave.

If you snap the ball before the game is over do you get to finish the play?

Yes. As long as there is one second left when the ball is snapped, the play counts.

Has anyone ever been severely injured in the Pro Bowl?

Drew Brees dislocated his left elbow in the 2007 game. New England running back injured hie knee in the made for television flag football game preceding the 1998 Pro Bowl.

If a player pockets pink ball which gets him into a lead by 12 points but that same stroke ends up angled with the black ball is there any game left?

If the black is the only ball left to be potted, then the game is technically over, as the opposing player can only get 7 more points. So usually in that instance the game is ended without even the player who has potted the pink ball attempting to pot the black, unless there is a big break to be had.