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This works out fairly simply, He has 8 football cards and 24 Baseball cards.

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Q: Joe has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He also noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards as football cards How many football cards does he have?
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John Has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He aslo noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards than football cards How many baseball card does he have?

What are you, a sixth grade text book? Next thing you know, you be walking me through it with confusing illustrations and explaining how the property of equality is used to simplify the equation. By the way, John has 24 baseball cards.

Bob has three times as many baseball cards as bill together they have a total of 68 cards how many cards does bob have?


Bob has three times as many baseball cards as Bill. Together they have a total of 68 cards. How many cards does Bob have?

Bob has 51 cards; Bill has 17.

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Bob has three times as many baseball cards as Bill Together they have a total of sixty eight cards How many cards does Bob have?

51. Bob has 3/4 of 68.

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