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He wore Numbers 25, 45

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Q: Joe Girardi wears number 27 as a manager What was his number when he was a catcher for the New York Yankees?
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What current player on the New York Yankees is number 27?

Currently, no player wears #27 for the Yankees.

What number does the manager of the New York Yankees wear and what does it represent?

Yankees manager, Joe Girardi switched to #28 in 2010. He wears that number as a good luck charm, with the hopes of the Yankees going on and winning their 28th championship. In 2009, Joe wore #27 and the Yankees won their 27th World Series.

Number eight for Yankees was who?

Yogi Berra (Catcher) and Bill Dickey (catcher)

Who wears number 17 for the New York Yankees?

The backup catcher Francisco Cervelli.

Which manager wore number 37 for the New York Yankees?

Yankees manager Bucky Harris wore #47 in 1947 and 1948. Casey Stengel wore #47 as manager from 1949-1960.

What is Dan Girardi's number on the New York Rangers?

Dan Girardi is number 5 on the New York Rangers.

Which catcher wore number 20 on the 1992 New York Yankees?

Mike StanleyCatcher Mike Stanley wore uniform number 20 for the 1992 New York Yankees.

Who wears number 11 for the New York Yankees?

Brett Gardner currently wears number 11 for the New York Yankees.

What is Casey Stengel number for the New York Yankees?

Casey Stengel wore uniform number 37 as a manager for the New York Yankees, His number was retired in 1970.

What was Bucky Dent's number for the New York Yankees?

Bucky Dent wore number 20 as a Yankees player from 1977 to 1982. As a Yankees manager he wore numbers 17, 20and 30 in 1989 and 1990.

What was New York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy's uniform number?

McCarthy never wore a uniform with a number.

What was casey stengel's number?

Casey Stengel's number as a player was 1, and as a manager, he wore number 37 for the New York Yankees and number 30 for the New York Mets.