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A Jim Brown autographed mini helmet with HOF 71 is estimated to be worth $400.

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Q: Jim Brown autographed mini helmet with HOF 71 value?
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What is the value of a mini helmet autographed by Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison?

You can not find one autographed with both of them

What is the value of an autographed mini helmet signed by Michael crabtree?

it is 2 dollars

What is the value of an autographed Peyton Manning mini helmet?

Two hundred sand dollars.

What is the value of a Santana Moss autographed Jets mini helmet?

you'd have to pay me to take it

What is the value of an autographed LSU mini helmet from Dwayne Bowe and Laron Landry?

I would say about $175

Autographed Lawrence Taylor mini helmet?

worth $250

What is the value of the Brett Favre and Bart Starr autographed Green Bay Packers mini helmet?

Well, I found a ball that is signed by both those men that's being sold for about 500 dollars, but since a ball is worth alot and a mini helmet is, I'd estimate 200 dollars, but I'm no expert

How much is an autographed miniature baseball helmet?

Signed Mini HelmetAutographs differ in value depending on the item signed. Baseballs are the most popular because of its connection to the game, availability, and it displays the signature well. If the Mini Helmet displays the signature well it might be compatible in vale with a signed baseball or less. Signatures that are not properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Condition is important as well. A signed full sized batting helmet could have a higher value than a signed baseball.

How much is Thurman Thomas autograph worth?

The value of any autograph depends on the popularity of the individual that signed the item, the type of item signed, the condition of the signature, and the authenticity of the item. Depending upon your item, taking in mind that photos are less expensive than a mini-helmet, and a mini-helmet is less expensive than a full-size helmet or a football. That being said a Thurman Thomas Autograph would be worth approximately: $50 - 75 for an autographed 8x10 $85 - 110 for a mini-helmet $175 - 205 for a full-size helmet You can check out my store for similar items,

What is the value of a 1997 Red Wings signed mini hockey stick?

depends who autographed it

What is an autographed womens USA team helmet from 2000 sydney games worth they won gold that year?

On eBay your item would likely fetch $80-$120 if it is a standard size batting helmet. If it is a mini-helmet it would likely fetch no more than $40.

What is the value of an autographed mini-helmet signed by Brett Favre?

There are many factors that comes into play when determining the value of a mini-helmet signed by Favre. 1. What type of mini-helmet? 2. Was it signed in person or bought from a second party? 3. Does it come with certificate of authenticity? Answer to 1: Usually, a mini-helmet made with metal facemask with accurate replication of the very same helmet worn by Favre commands the highest value. If it's a lineman type facemask, it brings down the value. Collectors are somewhat picky. They prefer a helmet that is accurate right down to the minutiae of the full-size Favre helmet. Answer to 2: If it was signed in person by Favre in front of you, then that is great! If it was me, I wouldn't care what the value of the helmet was...the intrinsic value of getting it signed in person by a Packer legend would be ENOUGH for me. But if it was signed by him and sold by a 2nd party, I would question several things: Where was it signed, proof, and what kind of quality the helmet is. And above all, trust in the 2nd party means something. Answer to 3: A certificate of authenticity is ONLY worth the paper it's printed on. That's my opinion. You have to look for the obvious beyond the words on the paper. There are several companies out there that deal in sports memorabilia, companies I have found to be of good reputation. Of course there's a bit of a higher cost when dealing with these companies. Same thing for PSA/DNA and GAI. Personally anything with a official Brett Favre hologram affixed to the piece in question would help. So as to determining the value, like I said---all of these have to come into play. Beware of fake items. For instance I came across a helmet SUPPOSEDLY signed by Favre except I pointed out to the seller the helmet was signed "BRETT FARVE" Classic. Ha. Hope this works.

What is the value of a mini hockey stick autographed by harry Watson?

Before I can answer this question, I must tell you that "harry" needs to be capitalized. Harry.

What is the value of a 1989 Chicago Bulls autographed game ball that includes Michael Jordan's signature?

Game Ball or Mini Ball? Whole Team or just MJ?

How big is a riddell mini helmet?

6 inches

What is a signed Adrian Peterson mini helmet worth?

95 dollars

Where might one buy a display case for a Mini helmet?

There are many places one might go to purchase a display case for a mini helmet. In addition to an official brand website, one might also try the Amazon website.

Do you need license to drive a mini motorcycle for kids?

no but they need a motorcycle helmet and pads.

Are mini pocket bikes street legal in Minnesota?

yes and no. you need to have brakes, a mounted light, and helmet

How do you get the rusty helmet in Dragon quest 9?

the only way to get the rusty helmet is to collect a lot of mini medals and give them to the pirate at dourbridge I apolagise that I dont know how many you need I just know that you need mini medals so good look hunting!

Where can I purchase a mini Seattle Seahawks football helmet?

One may purchase a mini Seattle Seahawks football helmet from a number of websites such as "Riddell", "Amazon", "eBay", "FootballFanatics" and "Sears". One may also be able to purchase one in store at Sears store.

How much is a raiders mini helmet signed by Darren Mcfadden worth?

2,500$ if you go to the rite person

Can you ride a mini moto at 12?

yes, you can ride a mini motor at twelve as long as its either on a local track field or your own property, you need a helmet on at all times though.

How do I remove a paint pen autograph from a mini football helmet?

If it is a glossy helmet, you can probably use a Q tip or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Just rub the autograph and it will come off.

Value of ruger mini-14?

$350 to $800, depending on WHICH Mini-14, and condition.