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no he isn't im the leading scorer tyler goodpaster

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Q: Jim Breech is the Bengals all-time leading scorer What other players make up the Top 20 career scoring list for the Bengals?
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Who is the Cincinnati Bengals leading scorer of all time?

Former kicker Jim Breech, who was with the Bengals from 1980 through 1992, is the Bengals' all-time scoring leader with 1,151 points.

What rank is Kobe Bryant on the alltime scoring list is?

Kobe is #12 with 25,790 as of June 2010.

NCAA women basketball alltime scoring leaders?

Lynette Woodard is the all-time leading scorer for Division I women's collegiate basketball with 3,649 points. (from the website of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - see

NBA alltime Scoring leaders and points?

The NBAs all-time leader in points scored is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387.

Who is the leading scoring frenchman in the premiership?

Nicolas Anelka.

What are two to four offensive players responsible for scoring goals called?

The offensive players responsivle for scoring goals are called strikers or forwards.

What players are responsible for doing most of the scoring?


Who is currently leading the NBA in scoring points?

Michael Redd

Was Dennis rodman ever a scoring champ?

No, Dennis Rodman was never a scoring champ. Although he did do a good job scoring in his time, he was never a scoring champ. There were other players more inclined to scoring.

What are the top scoring games in NFL football history?

1 highest scoring game Washington Redskins beat New york Giants 41-72 2 highest scoring game Bengals beat Browns 58-48

Who are the highest scoring players in NFL history?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the highest scoring players in NFL history were placekickers. Morten Andersen was the NFL's all time leading scorer with 2,445 points. Placekicker Gary Anderson was second all time witn 2,434 points and George Blanda was third with 2,002 points.

Do footballers get more money for scoring?

At club level some players are on goal scoring bonuses, but at international level they are not.

Where is a list of the highest scoring nfl players by season?

Click on the 'NFL Scoring Leaders by Season' and 'NFL Touchdown Leaders by Season' links below to see the players that led the NFL in scoring and touchdowns in each NFL season.

Who is leading the try scoring for the rugby league this year?

Taniela Tuiaki

Who are the highest scoring soccer players?

Monica Pardou is the highest scoring soccer player. He is on the Brazilian national football team.

Who are the highest scoring players in NBA history?

Purple Unicorn Buttsex

How does an earned run average measure a players performance?

by the scoring method

What was the 2nd highest scoring NFL game?

Cincinnati Bengals 58 Cleveland Browns 48 in Cincinnati Carson Palmer 800+ yards

Who can make points in a badminton game using Rally Scoring?

both players

Soccer players get money when they score?

Sometimes, some players are on goal scoring bonuses, every goal they score they get a bonus.

Who is the highest scoring Bengals player in nfl history?

Entering the 2010 season, that is place kicker Jim Breech (1980-1992) with 1151 points.

Has any defenseman besides Bobby Orr ever led the NHL in scoring?

Nobody has ever achieved the accomplishment of leading the NHL in scoring besides Bobby Orr

Who is the all time NHL leading scoring defenseman?

The ALL TIME scoring leader (not for just one season) is Ray Bourque with 1579 points in 1612 games.

Most players scoring 100 or more runs one season baseball?

babe ruth

Why do soccer players kiss their wrists after scoring a goal?

because, as maradona says, it is the hand of god to them