Jean chretien retired

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Yes he retired

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Q: Jean chretien retired
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What tributes have been made to jean Chretien?

Jean Chretien appears in Canadian elections

What country is it that Jean Chretien appears in the elections?

Jean Chretien appears in Canadian elections.

When did jean chretien die?

Jean Chretien Fischer died in 1762. He was 49 years old when he died.

Did Jean Chretien sign NAFTA?


These Jean Chretien died yet?


What did Jean Chretien do when he was a child?

When he was a child he helped his dad Wille Chretien work as a Liberal Party Organizer.

Where did jean Chretien live as a child?

He lived in Antarctica

What party did jean chretien lead?

Liberal Party

Who was the Canada pime minister in 1997?

jean Chretien

Who was jean chretiens' mom?

His mom is MarieBoisvert-Chretien.

Who was the Prime Minister of Canada on September 11?

Jean Chretien

What did jean chretien study in university?

he studded to be a politician like his dad