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Q: Jane always gets twice as much utility from an extra ballet ticket as she does from an extra basketball ticket regardless of how many tickets of either type she has. Draw Janes income-consumption curv?
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When you purchase concert tickets over the internet which utility is not created?


What are costs that a company has to pay whether or not its operating?

The Company has to pay its Fixed Costs, Such as Rent and utility. These cost have to be paid regardless of whether the company is operating or not

What does the abbreviation buz stand for?

"Buz" is not a commonly used abbreviation. It is, however, an acronym. BUZ, for example, is known to stand for Business Utility Zone and Basketball Union of Zimbabwe.

What are three types of utility in economics?

form utility time utility place utility

What are the Different types of utilities created by intermediaries?

There are Six Utilities: Form Utility, Time Utility, Place Utility, Possession Utility, Information Utility, and Service Utility.

What are some economic utilities created by business activities?

Form Utility, Place Utility, Time Utility, Possession Utility, and Information Utility.

Which economic utility is not classified as a marketing utility?

form utility.

What are the four most essential utility programs?

1 defragmenting utility 2 anti-virus utility 3 time utility 4 date utility 5 copying utility

When total utility is at its maximum where is marginal utility?

marginal utility is zero

When total utility increases marginal utility is?

marginal utility decreases

Explain difference between total and marginal utility. Define UTILITY. How do consumers maximize UTILITY?

explain the difference between total utility and marginal utility

How high is the basketball rim?

Height of a Basketball RimThe official amateur, professional, and international rim height is ten feet (120") above the playing floor to the top of the rim.Unofficially, it can be set at any height that is wanted, to achieve a desired utility for the participant(s).