Jackie Robinson bad decisions

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: Jackie Robinson bad decisions
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Did Jackie Robinson have a bad temper?


What bad things did Jackie Robinson do?

He raped a little white boy the night he won the mvp.

Is Jackie Robinson a good or bad influence?

well for what he has done its very courageous. i mean he broke the color barrier in baseball ! he didn't care what people thought or even what they said like even if u look @ is quotes ~To answer the question is Jackie Robinson a good or bad influence? He is an excellent influence. A great role model.

How was Jackie Robinson treated on the team?

Jackie Robinson was treated very bad by the fans and his own team. once the players tried to get rid of him by signing a partition just to kick him out. The coach told him if he just stayed quiet he would make into the major leagues and so he did, when this happened many African Americans came to see Jackie Robinson play.

Was jerry Robinson Jackie Robinsons dad?

Jackie Robinson did in fact have a father... At first. One day his dad said he wanted to visit his brother in Texas. His dad left but never came back. Jackie and his family then moved to Pasadena California. Jackie ended up joining a gang called The Pepper Street Gang. A pastor from a church decided to help Jackie become a better person. The pastor was with Jackie all through High School and even College.

What was true of Jackie Robinson?

He suffered bad treatment but led the way for others.

Why didn't Jackie Robinson play other sports professionally?

as a kid kids made fun of him for doing bad at every sport except baseball look it up

Did Fredrick Douglass make any bad decisions?

Everybody makes bad decisions at times.

Does the devil make bad decisions for you?

No. We are resposible for our own decisions.

What were Jefferson Davis' bad decisions in the civil war?

His bad decisions and errOr caused him to lose the war...

What obstacles did Jackie Robinson face in life?

he took some bad things as a kid which made his brain function at a "higher" level in baseball compared to other people.

How did Jackie Robinson impact on other lives?

Well, Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the MLB. Without him, African Americans may not be able to be part of the MLB- even today. He also inspired many African Americans to prove that they could do anything white people can.