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I have the same model I believe; made in Tullahoma, Tennessee, U.S.A. I am not sure if it's worth anything, but I sure hope so.

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Q: J C Higgins wooden little league baseball bat stamped trademark 1717. Is it worth anything and what kind of wood is it made out of?
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What is vd 14k gold?

vd would be the trademark for the company that produced the jewelry it has no standing to the gold at all if your item is stamped that way it is just their trademark

What does JWBR stamped on jewelry mean?

JWBR is a registered trademark presently owned by Verigold.Com, Ltd.

What is the value of your Remington 12 gauge pump stamped 1903-1905 umc trademark?

what is my 12 gauge pump Remington trademark stamped 1903 may 5 to may 5 1905 serial number u 60212

What is the value of a B Rogers Silver Co creamer stamped 6002 with the crown trademark and 1883?


How to find the markings or trademark symbols stamped on gold jewelry and jewelry maker?

roma ch22k mex

What does 925 LA mean stamped on ring?

It stands for a Trademark : trademark by L.A. GEM AND JEWELERY DESIGN, INC. in Los Angeles, CA, 90014and its a L^ bigger A symbol but with out the bar to make it a A.. (Look Closely at it)

Is a 1973 penny with two baseball figures stamped in it worth anything?

I too have a 1973 penny with the players on them. Found it in Truckee, CA

What is AN stamped inside a diamond ring mean?

It may be the trademark for the name of the jewelery company it's from or perhaps a certain someones initials.

What does GEMHK and an O stamped on my diamond ring mean?

GEMHK was a trademark used on fine jewelry by Goldman Frederick between 2000 and 2007ish

What is the value of a J C Higgins shotgun model 20-12 gauge stamped sears roebuck and co 583.60?


Is a gold ring magnetic?

My seta gold ring is only stamped seta and isn't stamped with anything else, but it isn't magnetic either.

What was the first year that roofing stamped 'COP R LOY' was made?

the company was formed in 1920, the trademark was registered 1928. Hope that helps

What does vier 750 944 vi stamped on a bracelet mean?

944VI found on each jewelry is a company trademark by Viera Spa, an Italian gold jewelry manufacturing company

What is cto 10k stamped on jewelry?

(cto) *jewelry trademark used by o.C. Tanner jewelry co., salt lake city, ut for fraternal jewelry since 1940

You are looking for a scope mount that will fit a JC Higgins bolt action 22 caliber The model number is 10516?

I have a J. C. Higgins model 10516 with the original 4X scope . The scope mount says J.C. Higgins 4X PATD , MFD by W.R. Weaver Co. El Paso TX. IT also has N3 stamped on the mount. Hope this helps.

What is the value of a 40th anniversary stamped signature mickey mantle baseball?

What is the value of a stamped mickey mantle baseball? Its the 40th anniversary 1956 triple crown season.

What do you mean by 1758 ar stamped?

1758 AR is the trademark/hallmark of the factory in Italy that made that piece of jewelry. 1758 is the number of the factory and AR stands for Arezzo, the city in Italy.

In 1930 the Pittsburgh baseball club complimentary season pass was it facsimile stamped or signed by owner and president of team?


What is the value of a baseball with a stamped signature of Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle Stamped signature baseballs could sell between $50. -$200. depending on the origin of the baseball. a 1950's salesman sample Rawlings baseball, with stamped autographs of other players could sell in the $25 - $50. A promotional baseball with a stamped Mickey Mantle signature such as one offered by Rawlings in the 1950's for $1.45 with a purchase of a Glove could sell as high as $200. with original packing.

How much is a stamped baseball by Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth Stamped Signature BaseballThe Babe Ruth 100 Anniversary commemorative baseball 1895 - 1995 is worth about $5.-$10. in near/mint condition in it's original box. The Official sized baseball features a Babe Ruth facsimile (stamped ) signature, and a short bio. Most modern day Babe Ruth stamped signature baseball would be compatible in value. The baseball could have more value if it were an older baseball used as a promotional item. If it is a vintage baseball more information would be needed to give a value.

Who manufactured 32 caliber revolvers with a crown over R stamped on the side?

You are describing a proofmark, not a trademark. All guns made in that country by ALL makers had that proofmark. Sorry, not possible to answer.

What is the value of a tray stamped F B Rogers Silver Co 6083 trademark 1883 worth?

Hi, there is a website called "" you may find the info from them. Good luck. :)

What is the age of my JC Higgins 30-30 model U12757?

The rifle was made for sears between 1955 and 1962. No stamped parts were used until after 1964. It is a good rifle.

How much is a stamped 1987 World Series Baseball?

a lot

Would a baseball with the Reach logo on it be an authentic major league ball from the 1930s?

American League baseballs with the Reach Trademark had Red & Blue stitching, and the National League Spalding Trademark baseballs had Black & Red stitching up until about 1934/35 when in both league started using only red stitching. Reach was producing American League baseballs until Rawlings took over around 1970, and Rawlings have been making major league baseballs ever since.Your baseball could be dated by the name of the league president stamped on the baseball. For a list of League presidents, pictures, and values of the baseballs see Related Links below.