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It is absolutely possible to become a famous boxer. Every boxer that is famous had to start somewhere. You could be the next Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Q: It is possible to become a famous boxer?
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How did Mohamed Ali become famous?

pro boxer

How can a kid boxer become famous?

Easy: Win.

How did Jack Dempsey become a famous boxer?

He worked really hard.

Is Mohammed a famous boxer?

Yes. Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer.

What is Laila Ali most famous for?

Laila Ali was born into a very famous boxing family. As the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali she stepped out of her fathers shadow to become an excellent boxer herself.

When did Mike Tyson become a famous boxer?

When he bit this guys ear off >=O

Is muhammad ali famous?

Yes Mohammad Ali is famous boxer, his daughter Layla Ali is also famous as a boxer.

Why was Barbara Boxer famous for?

Barbara Boxer a famous politician from United States of Jewish religion.

Was Bruce Lee a famous boxer?

Yes, Bruce Lee was a very famous boxer.

How did Daniel Green become famous?

There are several Daniel Green's out there. A Daniel "Danny" Green is famous for being a professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs. There is another by the same name that become famous for being a professional boxer from Australia.

How can i have a MySpace layout like famous people?

You have to become famous...however that's possible.

What is Jordan snaggletooth macnevin famous for?

He was a famous boxer

What is Muhammad famous for?


What famous boxer starts with mohammed?

Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer. He is the former heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.

Can a kid boxer become famous?

yes if he /she is really good at it. but i do not reccomend boxing. you could get injured, loose blood, and die!

What is a famous boxer that is black?

Perhaps the most famous black boxer was Muhammad Ali, who won the heavyweight championship three times, more than any other boxer. He is retired now.

What is Muhammad Ali famous for?


What did Joe Louis do to be famous?


What is Joe known for?

famous boxer

What is Louis known for?

famous boxer

Was muhammadwas a famous boxer yes or no?


How can someone become a famous actress?

Be seen naked as often as possible.

How did Muhammad ali become a boxer?

he did it by trianing realy hard with a coach and sign up at boxing tornoment. When he won at 18 he became FAMOUS!!

When did Muhammad ali Become A boxer?

hey became a boxer in 60 and quit in 81

Who is a famous boxer that has competed in the Olympics?