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it depends on how good the player is a very good play would get payed about 1000000 paso

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Q: Ishan Sharma how many money earn from cricket?
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Which player lot of money earn in the cricket?

Andrew (Roy) symonds

How do you earn coins in howzat cricket without purchasing?

how do earn coins without purchasing & paid money

Which game earn more money?

cricket players earn money than foot, ball because, they getting anther way like advertysment

How much does the cricket player Shakib al-hasan earn a month?

a lot of money

Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

How much money does cricket players earn?

none losers all of them except the hot ones lol

Which player earn more salary anualy totally?

In Indian cricket team dhoni and tendulkkar getting more money than football players anually. Dhoni is raice between cricket and football money player. Cris-ronaldo second position money player.

Why was ipl started?

To unearth fresh/young talent in Indian Cricket and also to earn revenue by tapping the huge market for cricket in India through Advertisements and Sponsorships

Why do you think that ipl is different from regular cricket give reasons?

because it is for the benefit for all teams to come together and play for same place and they can earn lot of money

How did the professionals earn their millions at cricket?

chris gyale & murlidharan

What purpose does a tariff serve?

The purpose of a revenue tariff is to earn money for the govrnment.

Who is the highest paid cardiologist?

dr samin sharma mount saini hospital earn 3.4 million /yr