Is young jezzy gd

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Is young jezzy gd
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Who is young jezzy?

who is young jezzy young jezzy is a crip and a pimp 1 at dat

Is young jezzy with young money?


Who is better Young Jeezzy or Lil Wayne?

young jezzy

Is lilwayne richer than young jezzy?


Whats young jezzy real name?


Is young jezzy in a movie?

i think so because i saw thesneak peeks

Who make more money lil Wayne or young jezzy?

Lil' wayne, obviuosly.

Is Young Jezzy having a baby by Keisha Coles?

yes i dont think so

Does Rihanna and jezzy sing the song hard?

Yes, Rhianna and Young Jeezy sang the song Hard.

Who influenced lil Wayne to start rapping?

Young Jezzy influenced Lil Wayne to start Rapping.

What is Young Jezzy's real name?

The real name for Young Jezzy is Jay Wayne Jenkins . He is a well-known hip hop artist and was born in 1977.

What school do young jezzy son go to?

h3 go 2 warner robins high skewl wit mehh he aint kcut33