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Yes, yokozuna is the champion level of wrestlers. Once they achieve this rank they cannot be demoted.

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Q: Is yokozuna a sumo
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What is a yokozuna?

A yokozuna is a person who has reached the highest rank of sumo wrestler.

What is the highest rank of sumo?

The answer is: Yokozuna

What is the name of a sumo grand champion?


Where is the champion sumo on red dragon island?

The champion sumo (Yokozuna) is inside the sumo match place.

What is the highest rank called in Japanese Sumo?

Yokozuna is the name of the top sumo rank. Right below Yokozuna is Ozeki. The lowest rank is that of Jonokuchi.

What is the difference between traditional and modern sumo wrestling?

The Yokozuna are Mongolian

Who is the greatest sumo wrestler of all time?

The highest rank that a sumo wrestler can achieve is Yokozuna. There have only been 70 all-time, and the most successful one was Asashoryu Akinori from Mongolia. He was the 68th Yokozuna.

What is the highest rank in sumo?

The highest rank you can reach in sumo is called Yokozuna. It is followed by Ozeki. The lowest rank of all is that of Jonokuchi.

What is the Japanese word for the top ranking wrestler?

The highest rank in sumo wrestling is 'yokozuna'.

Where do you find the sumo wrestler in red dragon island?

After you find the thief in the dragon, one of the warriors will give you a betting slip for the Yokozuna. Then, you must go up to where the sumo match is being held (a Japanese girl in a blue kimono will be standing by the door) and give your betting slip to the man in the green kimono. Finally, you sign autographs for the Yokozuna's agent and take the place of the other sumo wrestler pretending to be sick and defeat the Yokozuna!

How many ranks are there in sumo wrestling?

There are ten ranks in sumo wrestling. The highest is Yokozuna. The lowest rank is Jonokuchi. It takes many years to move up the ranks.

What is the term used to describe a professional sumo wrestler?

Rikishi is the general term for a sumo wrestler. They can also be named by their rank, such as Yokozuna or Ozeki. There are ten ranks in sumo, some of them have up to ten levels inside them.

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