Is yakubu aiyegbeni a Muslim

Updated: 10/19/2022
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im 90% sue that he is Muslim

i saw a video him praying so i guess hes a Muslim

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Q: Is yakubu aiyegbeni a Muslim
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What is Yakubu Aiyegbeni's birthday?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni was born on November 22, 1982.

Who is Ismail Yakubu's brother?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni

How old is Yakubu Aiyegbeni?

Nigerian former footballer Yakubu Aiyegbeni is 35 years old (birthdate: November 22, 1982).

What is Yakubu Aiyegbeni hobbies?

eating small animals and children.

What is yakubu aiyegbeni mum and dad called?

D Rovans

Who is Nigerian's youngest paid footballer in the English Premiership?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni

Has yakubu aiyegbeni ever score hatrick against man utd?


How many goals has yakubu aiyegbeni score in English premiership?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni has scored a 101 goals in the premiership, scoring a brace against Wigan for his 100 and 101 Preemiership goals.

What is the name of the Nigerian Striker who lost the easiest goal of the World Cup 2010?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni

Did yakubu aiyegbeni ever since his signing by some English clubs scored a three goals in a match in any English premiership league match?


Which big name players have Everton FC turned down or missed out on and why?

Most recently, it would be Yakubu Aiyegbeni. Signed by Blackburn in August 2011, he has scored more goals this season (2011-12) than he scored in his last 3 seasons with Everton combined

When did Ahmadu Yakubu die?

Ahmadu Yakubu died in 1997.