Is x-pac married to china

Updated: 12/7/2022
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A) No he isn't B) it is spelled Chyna not China. China is the Country

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Q: Is x-pac married to china
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Are xpac and chyna married?

No they have Never been Married....

When will china xpac and the outlaws return to WWE?

My guess is never

Did tripleh once date xpac?

no xpac is a man same as Triple h

When will xpac return to tna?


Was xpac from wwf a martial arts expert?


Is xpac coming back to wrestling?

no he went to TNA

Did x pac attemp to commit suicide?

Yes he did,But he is denying it.Unlike Chris benoit Xpac was Saved though.Its Because he was overated and hated,I am a fan of Xpac,So i have no Hate on him.

Will xpac return?

he will return at wrestlemania 27 or he will go to tna

Where did confucsion get married at?

he got married in china, in 551bc

When was Triple H and china married?

They were never MARRIED!!!

When did China get married?

Answer China got married in 2012. It was January 23rd Information China is married to Bradly Steven Perry. Steven plays Gabe Duncan in Good Luck Charlie and China plays Chyna in Ant Farm!

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