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Wrestling is considered a sport.

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Q: Is wrestling a sport or a hobby?
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Sport or hobby that starts with w?

water skiing weight lifting wrestling whistling writing

Is riding horses a hobby or a sport?

hobby An olympic sport called Equestrian.

Is humping a hobby or a sport?


Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.

Which sport is not considered a group team sport?

The sport of tennis.

Is sumo wrestling a sport?

Sumo wrestling is a martial art and a sport.

Is wrestling a fall or winter sport?

wrestling is an all year sport.

How can a hobby be a sport?

Yep my sport (life) is also my hobby because I do it a lot and I enjoy it.

Is airsofting classed as a sport?

It is a hobby and a sport.

Is golf a sport or hobby?

hobby Alan is a loser

What sport is better lacrosse or wrestling?


In which sport does the loser get pinned?


Is wrestling a sport or a form of entertainment?

if it is wwe then it is a form of entertainment, but if it is real wrestling then it is a sport

Is hunting a hobby or a sport?

I think officially it is a sport

Is a hobby a sport?

yes it is a hobby because you like doing

Sumo wrestling is the national sport of which country?

JapanSumo wrestling is the national sport in Japan

Is dancing a sport or a hobby?

Dancing is actually a sport and a hobby. Dancing hobby: For example, Ballerinas. They dance and its like a hobbie. :p ( Hope that help)

Is wrestling sport sinful?


An examples of team sport and group sport?


What is Oklahoma's state sport?

Wrestling is the sport in Oklahoma.

How is WWE is sport?

If you mean how is WWE a sport then its because wrestling is a sport and it is world wrestling entertainment! sorry if your question means different!

Is dodgeball a game hobby or sport?

dodge ball is a sport

is horseback riding a hobby?

No, it is a sport.

Is knitting a sport?

No. It is a craft or a hobby.

Is waterpolo a sport or a hobby?