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the Western Michigan Broncos football team competes in the Mid-American Conference which is an NCAA Division I FBS conference

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Q: Is western Michigan a division 1 college?
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What are the division 1 college football teams in Michigan?

Division I has two subdivisions for football. In Michigan, there are no Division I-FCS programs. There are two Division I programs that do not sponsor football teams (Oakland University and the University of Detroit Mercy) There are five Division I-FBS programs. Michigan (Big Ten) Michigan State (Big Ten) Western Michigan (MAC) Eastern Michigan (MAC) Central Michigan (MAC)

How many division 1 football teams does Michigan have?

Five. MSU, U of M, Eastern, Western, and Central

What is the all time winning percentages in Division 1 2 and 3 in college football?

Division I Michigan Division II Grand Valley State Division III St. Johns

Division 1A College football teams to never play against a division 1 AA team?

USC, Notre Dame, Washington, Michigan State and UCLA.

Is Presbyterian College volleyball division 1?

Yes, Presbyterian College volleyball is Division 1.

What is the oldest rivalry in Division 1-A college football?

The oldest rivalry in Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision is the Michigan Wolverines versus the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The rivalry began in 1887.

What is the largest division 1 football school?


Which college has the most wins of any college football program?

University of Michigan THE Ohio State University According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2009 season Michigan was the top Division 1 school 872 wins. OSU was 5th with 808.

How many division 1AA football teams in Michigan?

There were no Division 1-AA (FCS) football teams located in Michigan in the 2011 season.

School with the most division 1 football wins?


Is western Illinois a division 1 school?


What is the best division 1 college?


What division 1 basketball school has the highest student enrollment?


Who has the winnest team in NCAA division 1 football and how many?


What Division 1 college does not use university in their name?

Division 1 college football is one of the largest in the country. The Division 1 schools that do not have university in their name are MIT, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Which college football teams are called mustangs?

Division 1 - Southern Methodist University, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. Division 2 - Southwest State, Western New Mexico, Division 3 - Mount Ida.

Which college football division 1 program has the most wins of all time?

As of September 17, 2012, the University of Michigan has 897 wins-the most by any college football program, all-time.

What is D 1AA basketball?

It stands for Division 1, Double a. It is a college size classification in between Division 1 and Division 2.

Is Oregon a division 1 college?

i believe so

Which NCAA transitional division 1 team has the best record?

The University of Michigan

Is Davidson College field hockey Division 3?

Davidson is Division 1 in FH.

How you can get into a division 1 college?

All you have to do is apply. Just because its division 1, doesn't mean its hard to get into. And if you are referring to getting into a division 1 college football team, usually they come to you and ask you to play for them, or you have to try walk-on

How many college basketball conferences are there?

34 Division 1 25 Division 2 46 Division 3

Is Western Illinois University a Division 1 school?

Yes, they belong to the NCAA Division I Summit League.

What US President was a Big Ten college football player?

President Gerald Ford was a Big Ten football player for the University of Michigan. He is the only US president to play college football at the Division 1-A level.