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The Western Carolina University Catamounts do participate in NCAA Division I and are in the Southern Conference. Their football team participates in the Division I FCS subdivision (formerly I-AA).

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Q: Is western Carolina university division 1?
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What are some division 1 colleges in South Carolina?

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How many division one football teams are in North Carolina?

Division 1-A - 5 North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, East Carolina, Wake Forest Division 1-AA - 7 North Carolina A&T, Appalachian State, Campbell, Davidson, Elon, Gardner-Webb, Western Carolina

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Yes, Grand Canyon University just announced that they are a Division 1 school competing in the Western Athletic Conference.

Which university men's team has won NCAA Division 1 title for all sports?

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The University of North Carolina won the men's 2009 championship and the University of Connecticut won the women's.

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