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Yes, hydro come from the Greek word for water, and wave power is classed as hydro power. Other kinds of hydro power are produced from the movement of water through dams, tides and rivers.

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Q: Is wave power the same as hydro electric power?
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What are the sources of energy at Scotland?

Hydro electric power, wind power, wave power and oil.

What are the common ways of getting electricity such as hydro electric power thermal power and nuclear power?

There are: Hydro electric, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Fossil fuels, Geo- thermal and Biofuels.Hydro electric has two categories : Tidal and Wave

Is water power and hydro power the same thing?

Hydro means water so yes but there is also wave power

What is the name of Pakistan's biggest hydel power station?

be specific: hydro-electric or tidal wave. Hydel power means nothings

What are the alternative energy resources aside from fossil fuels?

geothermal energy hydro electric energy solar power energy wave / tidal energy Biomass Wind tubine energy (Temperature) (force) geothermal energy hydro electric energy solar power energy wave / tidal energy Biomass Wind tubine energy (Temperature) (force)

What is an example of wave power?

hydro-power & tidle power

What resource is constantly being renewed?

solar powerwater (so long as it keeps on raining)wind power (ditto)hydro-electric power (ditto)wave, river, tidal and ocean power.

Which energy can be renewed?

Wind, tidal, wave power, solar energy, biomass, hydro power

What does a wave power machine do?

A wave power machine is a generator that is powered by wave power. This is a piece of equipment that converts wave variances in a body of water and converts this into electric power.

Is wave energy a renewable source of energy?

Yes, wave energy (hydro-power) is a renewable source of energy.

What does Electronmagnetic wave means?

An electromagnetic wave is a wave that is generated by the power of electric and magnetic fields.

What does wave energy power?

Wave power produces renewable energy, that is, electricity. This is the same electricity that we use every day, so wave power can power our heaters, coolers, electric cars, trains and planes and everything that runs on electricity.

What are two alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

Solar energy and wind power.Nuclear and geothermal energy are also alternatives.Hydro-Electric and wave power

Are there simulators for hydro power?

There are models that are made to test different situations. Dams, wave motion and tidal motion are all forms of hydro electricity.

Were can you find renewable fuel?

Sunlight is renewable. With solar panels you can use it to produce electricity.Wind power is similar.Water power (hydro-electric dams, tidal power, wave power) is similar.Boiling water from under the ground is renewable, too.

What are 4 renewable fuels?

Solar energy, Wind energy through wind turbines, Wave power and hydro-electrical power.

Can waves given off by electric power lines be seen?

There is only one type of wave that humans can see. Visible light. If the wave given off by the electric power line is visible light, then yes. If it is any other type of wave than it is not possible to see.

Does solar power do any damage to the environment?

No, solar power has no harmful polluting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other gases, so it has no effect on global warming or the environment. This is the same for all forms of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal among others).

3 examples of renewable resources?

Solar powerWind powerHydro power (water, dams, tides and wave energy).

What alternative energy?

Any alternative to fossil fuel,wind power,solar power,hydro power,ocean power(OTEC,wave,tidal),bio fuel,urine power,free energy,and many more

A vibrating electric charge produce what kind of wave?

electric wave

Where does Hawaii get its power source?

Over 91% of the power is generated from burning foreign oil. The geothermal, wind, solar, hydro, and ocean wave sources of alternative power are not used much at all.

Why isn't hydro power the best renewable energy source?

Hydro electric power generally is generally thought of as the power of water falling through a distance (like the generators at Niagara Falls). This also a demonstration of the problem with the process, it requires water at high places that can be fed down to generators at low places. this makes it unavailable for flat or arid countries. Hydro power can also include wave or tidal power systems. Large bodies of water are required excluding land locked or arid countries. The third case is turbines in rivers with the attendant concern that not all locations have such resources. Many small hydro installations of these types can be developed for small user communities, but the ability to replace large thermal power stations is limited.

What has the author Louis Bell written?

Louis Bell has written: 'The art of illumination' -- subject(s): Lighting, Photometry 'Electric power transmission, a practical treatise for practical men' -- subject(s): Electric power distribution 'The absolute wave-length of light' -- subject(s): Light, Wave-length 'Electric power transmission' -- subject(s): Electric power distribution

What can you use instead of fossil fuels?

You can use eco friendly things. If you mean for generating power, you can use: Wind turbines solar panels hydro electric wave power Tidal power you can also use Nuclear power!