Is wave power sustainable

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Is wave power sustainable
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How are waves used?

You can use them with fishing or when your sailing. it will push your boat/fish round. Also, waves can be used to generate energy. This is a sustainable way to get energy, and is simply known as Wave Energy, or Wave Power.

How much energy could wave power generate?

There is enough energy in ocean waves to power everything in the world. However the technology is still experimental and expensive. Solar and wind power is going to be cheaper and more sustainable.

Is solar power sustainable?

The word "sustainable" is used in environmental and energy circles to refer to sources of power that will not run out. With that definition, solar power is considered sustainable because we presume the sun will always shine. Wind and water are other sources of sustainable power.

What is a sentence that uses the word sustainable?

Solar energy is a sustainable power source.

What is sustainable energy in a thermal power plant?

"Sustainable" in this context refers to the source of the energy. If the thermal power plant burns petroleum for example, it is not sustainable, since there is a fairly limited supply of petroleum.

Is wave power efficient?

wave power is efficient.

What does a wave power machine do?

A wave power machine is a generator that is powered by wave power. This is a piece of equipment that converts wave variances in a body of water and converts this into electric power.

Is a fossil fuel power station sustainable?


Is nuclear power stations sustainable?


Is hydroelectric power sustainable?

As long as you have rain, yes.

How is wind power sustainable?

i dont know sorry.

Is wind power sustainable?

i dont know sorry.