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no wake boarding is alot easier than wake skating because in wake boarding the board is already on your feet

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Q: Is wake skating easier than wakeboarding?
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Which has the most people who participate in it wake boarding wind surfing or kite surfing?

probably wakeboarding; i know way more people who have done wakeboarding than the others.

How do you surf behind a boat?

I believe it's illegal to surf behing a boat. unless you mean wake-surfing or wake-skating or wakeboarding. I can't help you with that. But if you browse YouTube or get the O'Brien Skiing DVD I bet you'll find something. The O'Brien DVD covers everything from Water Skiing through Wake-Skating.

How do you you start wakeboarding from deep water?

look at how to wake board on this site

What is wake boarding season?

Wakeboarding season is whenever it is nice enough to get out on the lake and shred! Alternatively, wakeboarding season starts when your snowboarding season ends.

List of water sports?

Jets ski Parasailing Windsurfing Surfing Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Snorkeling Dscuba diving Waboba Water aerobics Boating Bodyboarding Rafting Rowling Kayaking Skimboarding Yatching Waterskiing Wake surfing Wake skating Wakeboarding Skurfing Canoeing

Where can one find information about wake boarding equipment?

Wakeboarding is a fun way to exercise at the beach. There is a lot of good information about wakeboarding at sites like wakeside, hyperlite, and ronixwakestore.

How long should the ski rope be for wakeboarding?

it depends on the size of the wake the boat makes, but usually 50 to 65 feet

Are boogie boards and wakeboards the same?

They are quite different... Boogieboarding is a wave sport much like surfing while wakeboarding is a wake sport.

What should the sea be like for wakeboarding?

Smooth and calm. The less choppy the better, that way when you go outside the wake to preform tricks and land them, it will be smooth.

Is wake boarding on a lemons craft good?

a lemons craft is a small(15 foot) Jon boat with a pole molded on to put a rope on. It is not suitable for wakeboarding. This type of setup produces a very small wake that is used for wakeskating. You could wakeboard behind the boat, but there would be no wake to jump over.

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Why do bats wake at night?

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Is there much difference between surfing and wakeboarding?

In surfing, you are usually in the sea, and riding waves, whereas in wake-boarding you are in a lake and being pulled behind a boat, and you ride the wakes the boat makes.

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What is the best wakeboarding boat for wake-surfing?

It depends... There are many different factors to look at when considering what boat is best for wake-surfing. The most important option is build in ballast. Ballast are hard tanks that fill with water in order to increase the amount of water displaced. This creates a much larger wake. Never wake-surf on a outboard or I/O boat. Only a true inboard boat is safe to wake-surf behind. Some of the more popular boat brands are as follows: Malibu, Tige, Mastercraft, Axis

How do you play wake boarding?

In collegiate and professional wakeboarding, the contestant has to pas through a series of bouys before they can commence doing tricks. you get 3 runs in total then your turn is up. judges will base you on what tricks you did and how well you were able to perform them.

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