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yes. he is number one.

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Q: Is wade in the top 5 nba players in the league?
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Does Dwyane Wade work out?

Dwyane Wade, like all NBA players, works out regularly. He does so to stay in top-notch physical condition which allows him to compete at a much higher level than other NBA players.

Who are the top 3 NBA players?

1:Chris Paul 2:Dwayne Wade 3:Carmelo Anthony

Who are the top 5 NBA players in 2011?

The top 5 NBA players in 2011 are: 1. LeBron James 2. Carmelo Anthony 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Dwayne Wade 5. A'mare Stoudamire

Top ten NBA players in the NBA for the 07-08 season?

The top 10 for that season would include:LeBron JamesKobe BryantSteve NashTim DuncanKevin GarnettDwight HowardChris PaulDeron WilliamsDirk NowitzkiDwyane Wade

What is the top selling NBA jersey for 2005?

Dwayne Wade

What are the top paid nba players?

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Derrick Rose are the top three paid NBA players.

Top 5 basketball players in the nba?

1. Lebron 2. Kobe 3. D-Wade 4. Superman (Dwight Howard) 5. The Truth

How many duke players are in the NBA top fifty players?


Name your top five current players at each nba position?

Top five current players at each NBA position include John Wall, Damian Lillard, Kyle Lowry, Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Dwyane Wade, Klay Thompson, James Harden and Kevin Durant

Who are the mvp candidates in the nba?

The MVP candidates are the top five players in the league and they each receive votes from a panel of sportswriters, coaches, and analysts. This year they included: LeBron James Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard Kevin Durant Dwayne Wade

Top 5 nba players?

1.Derrick Rose 2.Dwyane Wade 3.Lebron James 4.Kobe Bryant 5.Rajon Rondo

When did J-League Super Top Players happen?

J-League Super Top Players happened in 1994.

Who are the top players on the Miami Heat?

Dwayne Wade and LeBron James.

Who are the top 10 oldest nba players currently?


When was J-League Super Top Players created?

J-League Super Top Players was created on 1994-04-22.

Who are the top ten players of the NBA?

Kobe Lebron Dwight Howard Chris Paul Dywane Wade Dirk Nowitzki Blake Griffin Kevin Durant Rajon Rondo Derrick Rose

Who are top highest basketball players in all of the NBA?

The top six are #1 Lebron James 2# Dwayne Wade 3# Kobe Bryant 4# Carmelo Anthony 5# Chirs Bosh 6# Dwight Howard

Who are the top 2 NBA players?

Kobe Bryant and lebron James

Is Jimmy Butler in the top 10 for NBA players right now?


What city produces the most NBA talent?

SEATTLE has to be on the top 5 they have like 8 players in the NBA

Who are the top 10 oldest retired NBA players?

There are many retired NBA players. Some of these players include, but are not limited to, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Bob Pettit.

Is Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player in the NBA?

No, Dwyane Wade is not the best basketball player in the NBA. He is talented, no doubt, but no one considers him the best basketball player in the NBA by far. The top two are said to be LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

How much did NBA players get paid in 1949?

The top NBA salary in 1949 was $60,000 a year, with a handful of others making close to that amount. However, the league average was between $10-15,000 per year.

Who are the top ten worst NBA players?

There are no worst players, just players not as good as others. If you believe some players are bad, then they are just not as good as the better players.

What is the top selling NBA jersey for 2007?

# Kobe Bryant # Allen Iverson # LeBron James # Dwyane Wade