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Q: Is volleyball played indoor or outdoor?
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Is volleyball outdoor or indoor game?

It's outdoor game.

What is the radius of a volleyball?

well it depends on what kind of volleyball you have. an outdoor volleyball is bigger than an indoor volleyball

Where is soccer played outdoor or indoor?

soccer can be played in both: outdoor and indoor

What surface is used in volleyball?

It is either played in an indoor court, like a gym floor, or on an outdoor sand court.

What is the difference between an outdoor volleyball and an inside volleyball?

outdoor volleyball is played by the beach. Inside volleyball is played by the gym.

Is it easier to get hurt in indoor volleyball or outdoor volleyball?

You can get hurt in both but indoor volleyball should be in wood, i mean, the floor, so if you fall you will hurt more than in the grass or sand.

How many players play in the game of volleyball?

In indoor volleyball there are six players on the court. In beach, outdoor volleyball there are two players.

Does it matter if your playing indoor volleyball and you have a beach volleyball?

There is actually a difference between the 2 balls. Outdoor ball pressure is 2.5-3.2psi. Indoor balls are much harder at 4.3-4.6psi. In other words a Beach volleyball is lighter then a indoor volleyball

How many players form an official volleyball team?

6 players for an indoor volleyball team and 2 generally for outdoor or beach volleyball.

Number of players in volleyball?

With indoor volleyball its 6 players for each team on the court. If its outdoor volleyball its 2 players per team.

What are the names of the winter sports?

outdoor sportshockey ringetteskiingsnowboardingsnow mobilingindoor sportsdance indoor volleyball

Is wrestling an indoor or outdoor game?

indoor game

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