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Both men and women play indoor and beach volleyball. There are few competitive co-ed teams. There are more women's NCAA volleyball teams than men's.

Mostly women play volley-ball but men can also play for fun or to compete with may other men who love to play volley-ball also.

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2010-05-20 22:39:22
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Q: Is volleyball male or female oriented?
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Is volleyball both a male and female sport?

In many countries, such as Puerto Rico, volleyball is a male and female sport. Also, in some parts of the United States, they have male and female volleyball teams.

What is the difference between male volleyball and female volleyball?

there is no difference

What gender do you need to be when you play volleyball?

male or female

What is the height of a volleyball net for both male and female?

7'11 for men & 7'4 for women

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There is no male or female patron saint of volleyball. St. Sebastian is considered the patron saint of athletes and athletics in general.

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How did the first volleyball game end?

It was an American school girls club against a different school with men. That is when they found out that male and female volleyball should be split due to the difference in athleticism.

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What percent of female teens play volleyball?

The percentage is unknown. However, at our school 73% of female teens play volleyball.

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