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A racquet is not used for volleyball.

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Q: Is volleyball is a racquet sport?
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Which of the following is not a racquet sport?


Which is not a racquet sport?

for APEX... volleyball

What sport is not a racquet sport?

Cliff diving.

What is the sport xare?

Xare is a kind of racquet sport.

What is a racquet sport?


Is volleyball not considered sport?

Volleyball is a sport.

What type of sport is table tennis?

It is a racquet (racket) sport.

When did all volleyball become an olympic sport?

When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

Fastest racquet sport?


Is not a racquet sport?

Cliff diving.

What is not a Racquet sport?

Cliff diving.

What is a three syllable sport?

racquet ball

Which racquet sport has a higher net?

Badmiton. :)

What is the worlds fastest racquet sport?


Is volleyball a winter sport?

Yes volleyball can be a winter sport if you play it indoors.

When did volleyball become a international sport?

volleyball became an international sport in 1949.

Is volleyball an Olympic game?

Yes, they have indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball has been a medal sport in the Summer Olympics since 1964. Beach volleyball debuted as a demonstration sport at the 1992 Games and became a medal sport in 1996.

What type of game is badminton?

Badminton is a Racquet sport!

What is a fast indoor racquet sport for two?


Which racquet sport features both hardball and softball versions?


Is volleyball considered an alternative sport?

No. Volleyball is a popular sport requiring special skills, but it is not an 'alternative' sport. "Alternative sports" are those classified as extreme or adventure sports, and volleyball does not fit into this category.

What sport is not considered an alternative sport?

volleyball APEX

What sport requires a paddle but isn't played on the water?

Padel is a racquet sport in the US and Canada

Is volleyball more of a boys sport?

No volleyball is mainly a girl sport like football is mainly a guy sport. Sometimes guys can play volleyball but for the most part it's girl.

What is hellen Keller favorite sport?

What was her fav sport I think 🤔 track because running with her dog