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Van persie is really good at football and he is in the top 10 best footballer in the barclay premier league

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Q: Is van persie good at football?
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Related questions

Who has scored more goals in football Luciano Becchio or Robin Van Persie?

It is Robin Van Persie.

What is the height of van persie of Netherlands?

Football striker Robin Van Persie is six foot one inch.

Who is the best in Manchester United Football Club?

robin van persie

Who are the fastest football players in arsenal fc?

Robin Van Persie

What football does robin van persie support?

attakin using flangs

What is the fifa 12 overall for van persie?

86 is the overall rating of Robin Van Persie. Currently he is playing for netherlands and the most popular club in the history of football i.e. Manchester United.

How many games did it take Robin van Persie to score his 100th goal for Arsenal?

It took Robin van Persie 238 games to score his 100th goal for the Arsenal football club.

Who is a better striker Van Nisterooy of Van Persie?

Both Ruud Van Nisterooy and Van Persie are really good strikers. When it comes to the conversion rate, Ruud Van Nisterooy seems to have an upper hand.

What is Robin Van Persie most known for?

Robin Van Persie is a Dutch football player who currently plays for the British team 'Manchester United' as well as the Dutch National Team. He was born in 1983.

What is the match fantasy football transfer code Tuesday 1st November?

van persie

Who is the leading goal scorer in arsenal football club?

Robin van persie(10)

Is van persie good in any other sport?


Who is better van persie or aguero?

Van persie by far

What is robin van persie?

Robin van Persis e comes from Holand, he plays his club football in the E.p.L with Arsenal, and he is a Christian.

Who is better robin van persie or Rooney?

robin van persie

Who is better Luis Suarez or Robin van Persie?

van persie

Who are famous short football players in Premier League?

Defoe , Arshavin,Robin van persie are a few of them.

What happened on 2001 football when a man got hit on the heart?

well aparently van persie hit somone on messis heart and messi was dead and van persie went to jail for ever and now hes dead. tnx

How much does robin van persie earn a week?

robin van persie earns 250,000 pounds a week! hes worth A LOT, but no player is worth that much money. money is running crazy in the world of football and limits should be put!

What number is van persie?

Robin van Persie is number 10 and plays for Arsenal

Who is better out of Robin Van persie and Fabregas?

Van persie in 2011-2012 season

Is messi better than van persie?

yes messi is better than van persie

What religion of robin van persie?

his wife is a muslim... but as he says "Van Persie does not need religion"

What is Robin van Persie's birthday?

Robin van Persie was born on August 6, 1983.

When was Robin van Persie born?

Robin van Persie was born on August 6, 1983.