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I think Edwin Vander Sar is slightly taller then Petr Cech.

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Q: Is van der sar taller than petr cech?
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Who is better cech or van der sar?

Petr Cech

Who was in the goal for man utd v Chelsea?

Petr Cech for Chelsea and Edwin Van Der Sar for United.

Who is the Best goalkeeper in the premiership?

petr cech for Chelsea or Jose reina in Liverpool. Van der sar is also quite good.

Which goalkeeper has gone the longest with out conceding a goal in English football?

Edwin Van Der Saar - -Overtook the previous record of Petr Cech

Who is better cech are van der sar?


Is Edwin van der Sar the tallest goalkeeper in the world?

No, even though he's almost 2 meters tall (1.96m), there are goalkeepers that are taller than him; for example- Cech, who is 1.97m.

Who is better petr cech or van der sar?

This question calls for an opinion and opinions differ. Do not remove answers simply because you disagree with them.van der sar

Is gigi buffon the best goalie in eurupe?

well it's arguable, these are not the official idea but actually my opinion is that it is Edwin van der sar or cassilas. Petr Cech also possibly.

Who is better van der sar or cech?

van der sar

What has the author Petr Krasnov written?

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Who are the best goalkeepers 2008?

Casillas Julio Cesar Akinfeev (Russian National Team) Van Der Sar Reina Cech

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Top ten goal keepers?

1. Iker Casillas 2. Gianluigi Buffon 3. Julio Cesar 4. Manuel Neuer 5. Maarten Stekelenburg 6. Guillermo Ochoa 7.Petr Cech 8. Edwin Van Der Sar 9. Hugo Lloris 10. Heurelho Gomes

Top 10 goalkeepers 2009 2010 premiership season?

1 - Edwin Van Der Sar 2 - Petr Cech 3 - Pepe Reina 4 - Shay Given 5 - Craig Gordon 6 - Gomes 7 - Brad Friedel 8 - Jussi Jaaskelainen 9 - Robert Green 10 - David James

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Iker Casillas (Real Madrid/Spain)Julio Cesar (Inter Milan/Brazil)Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus/Italy)Petr Cech (Chelsea/Czech Republic)Edwin Van der Sar (Manchester United/Holland)Victor Valdez (Barcelona/Spain)Sergio Asenjo (Atletico Madrid/Spain)Guillermo Ochoa (America/Mexico)Pepe Reina (Liverpool/Spain)Manuel Almunia (Arsenal/Spain)

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