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Very good.

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2013-07-18 21:02:32
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Q: Is united recruit bmx bikes a good brand?
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Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Are orbea bikes any good?

Orbea has a whole range of bikes. But yes, the brand has a fairly good reputation.

Is schwinn a good brand of bikes?

Schwinn is a good brand for bikes. Back in the 50's and 60's, Schwinn was a popular brand. Today, there are many competitors, but Schwinn continues to be stable and reliable.

Is mongoose a good brand of bmx?

yeah. mongoose has two sectors. one makes crappy bikes that are sold at walmart, target, meijer, etc. but the other sector makes pro bikes that are just about as good as cult, united, and stolen.

Are Horizon a good brand to buy elliptical bikes from?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Horizon brand of elliptical bikes and they are widely available. You should be able to find them at most retailers.

Are united bmx's good?

yes they are amazing bikes they are about the same good as fedrals

What is the best brand of fitness bikes?

In my opinion, Weslo fitness bikes are a pretty good type of bike to use. You can find them at most stores that sell stationary bikes. A good store would be Sears.

What is so good about bmx?

Bmx is good because it is a name brand for bikes. They offer a great variety of bikes and parts that can customize and make your bike a better stunt bike.

What are some good bikes for indoor cycle training.?

There are many different types of brands for different types of exercise bikes. The best type for these bikes is the Air Lite brand which is designed to be effective.

Are easturn bmx bikes good?

Yes! They are the BEST brand of bike but more good brands are haro, mongoose, and diamondback.

Who makes Nortrock bike?

Northrock Bikes, Inc. is a good, reliable US brand. They are sold by Costco.

Where can you purchase cycling bikes?

One can purchase cycling bikes from the local retailers like Walmart and Target. Some specialized cycling stores also offer brand quality cycling bikes at a very good price.

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