Is undertaker taller than the Kane?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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he is taller than the undertaker.But the undertaker defeated him.Big show is taller than Kane and Kane defeated big show (Paul Wight).Great khali is taller than big show but big show weighs more.Big show defeated great khali.

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No, Kane is 7'0, The Undertaker 6'10.

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Q: Is undertaker taller than the Kane?
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Undertaker is taller than Kane because Kane is 7 foot tall and undertaker is 7 foot 1 inch and big show is 7 foot 2 inches and great Kahlil is 7 foot 4 inches?

So Kane is tall. The Undertake is taller. The Big Show is taller. The Kahlil is the tallest.

Is Kane better than the undertaker?

It depends... Kane is taller and weighs more while undertake is more known. Undertaker has more experience and I think is better. Undertaker has won more titles but Kane is more capable of getting in peoples heads. I say Undertaker is better, because Kane gets distracted and frustrated easily.

Is the undertaker stronger tha Kane?

(2010) the undertaker is stronger than kane.

Who is stronger Kane or Undertaker?

(2010) of course the undertaker is stronger than kane.

Will undertaker beat Kane in hell in a cell?

Certainly not. It is the time of Kane now. The time of Undertaker has left. Oh, please! The Undertaker will always be better than Kane, and Kane will always be second best to him.

Who is stronger than Kane?

god and undertaker

Why did Kane leave the Undertaker?

i think Kane leave undertaker because undertaker is best then Kane

Who is better wrestler undertaker or Kane?

undertaker.. althought both basically have the same moves undertaker tends to modify his movesbased on his opponent better than kane.

Who is taller Kane or taker?

Kane: 7 ft 0 in Taker: 6 ft 10 in. So Kane is taller than Taker.

Is undertaker and Kane married?

NO!!! The Undertaker and Kane are not gay!!!

Is Kane older then the undertaker?

undertaker is older undertaker is 45 Kane is 43

Who is better 'big show or undertaker'?

Bigshow is better than Kane