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He will return at extreme rules.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-04 22:10:36
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Q: Is undertaker going to return after being buried alive by Kane?
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What year did undertaker return after being buried alive?

well The undertaker was buried alive by his brother Kane helping vince in 2003 .That time the undertaker had his last days as the American badass he then returned in 2004 when some of the wwe superstars were celebrating Randy ortons victory.The undertaker was buried alive again but i forget who it was who buried him and he came back in 2007 at survivor series to face Kane.

Is the undertaker coming back from being buried alive by Kane?

of course :P

Will undertaker come back after being buried alive by Kane in 2010?


Is undertaker dead after being buried alive?

no he'll come back soon

Has undertaker risen from the dead before?

he has in the programming, Being buried alive at Suvivor Series 2003 then returning as the Deadman

What is the phobia of being buried alive in a box?

Taphephobia Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries.

Will edge return after being sent to hell by the undertaker?


Is vengaboys still alive?

yes the undertaker is still alive from being burned

Is undertaker really died at bragging rights?

Yes, he was pronounced dead in the early hours of this morning, he suffocated after being buried alive. Doctors tried to revive him after the show but it was too late. Undertaker is dead, Rest In Peace.

Is the Undertaker actually being buried and then coming back?

yes hes going to get buried then he is going back to smackdown

What is the fear of being burying alive called?

traphephobia is the fear of being buried alive

What is taphephobia?

It is the fear of being buried alive.

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