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yes he is because i watch it i know now

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โˆ™ 2012-07-07 18:32:15
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Q: Is undertaker ever coming back to wrestling?
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Is the undertaker ever coming back?

yeha undertaker is coming back in 2 weeks

Is undertaker alive after the buried alive match with Kane?

No hes coming back this february on the 21st. If he was i would have stopped watching wrestling Undertaker 4 ever!

When is Dave batista coming back to wrestling in the WWE?

It unlikely he ever will.

Did undertaker ever lost a wrestling match?

The Undertaker did lose a match and it was at No Way Out in 2003. It was Undertaker against the Big Show.

When is undertaker start wrestling again?

i Dont think he ever will because he has left as a legend and i dont think he will come back

Is the undertaker ever coming back after wrestle maina27?

he will probably retire before WrestleMania 28

Did the Undertaker from pro wrestling ever kill someone?

I seriously doubt it.

Will the Undertaker ever fight again in the WWE?

i heard hes coming back in summerslam or survivor series

How long has the undertaker had an actor wrestling for him?

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! The Undertaker is the one in the ring.

Is Jeff Hardy ever coming back to WWE?

he's already back he's on smackdown UH No he isn't back in the WWE and will not be back no he is on tna impact wrestling

Is the undertaker that is wrestling now the same one as the one that was wrestling in the 80s?

Yes, there has been only one Undertaker and that is Mark Calaway. When Ted brought in a fake undertaker it was Brian Lee. Kane never ever wrestled as the Undertaker! THERE HAS BEEN ONE AND ONLY ONE AND THAT IS MARK CALAWAY, DO THE RESEARCH I AM NOT LYING!

Will undertaker defeat brock lesnar?

It is unlikely that Brock Lesnar will ever return to wrestling. ^^previous answer. haha thats great seeing as he just came back a week ago.

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