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Q: Is undertaker become a Muslim
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Is undertaker Muslim?


Is undertaker a Muslim?

No, he's not

Is The Undertaker now Muslim?

Is undertaker now a Muslim?


Is it true that The Undertaker will announce his new religion as a Muslim?

No. This is wrong

Had brain Lara become Muslim?

yes he has become a true muslim.

Is The Undertaker Muslim?

No, the Undertaker is not muslim. There have been many circulating reports that he converted over to the Islamic religion, but this has not been confirmed and Undertaker (real name: Mark Calaway) has not spoken publicly about his personal beliefs. This is mainly due to the reason that Mark does not like to be seen outside of Undertaker persona often and break what is known in the wrestling business as "kayfabe."

What motivates Michael Jackson to become a Muslim?

He did not become a Muslim.

How did undertaker become deadman?

It is a gimmick.

Why did the Undertaker become the Deadman?

Its just a gimmick.

When father of Muhammad become Muslim?

no he was a non muslim

Has Akon become a Muslim?

Yes Akon is a Muslim.

Why doesn't John Cena become a Muslim?

He Is A Muslim ;)

Is it true that the pope became a Muslim?

No, he did not become a Muslim.

How do you become a undertaker?

you cant because that would so stupid /theundertakerrocks

Is Snoop Dogg become Muslim?

Yes he is sunni muslim.

When did beren saat had been a Muslim?

2002 she become muslim

When a married christian woman becomes a Muslim?

When a christian woman marries a Muslim man, she has to become Muslim.

What was the last Muslim country to become Muslim?

It depends what you do consider as "Muslim country". Spain was a Muslim country for 800 years.

If you have been an atheist all your life up until now when you start thing that the Muslim teachings make sense is it acceptable for you to become a Muslim?

It is acceptable for everyone to become a Muslim! When you become a Muslim, Allah will forgive EVERYTHING that you have being doing before Islam. But of course you can be a Muslim

Why did the undertaker shave his hair?

The undertaker shaved his hair because he was fond of alliteration and wished to become known as the Bald Bury-er.

How do you become friends with undertaker?

Don't say anything that might make the Undertaker mad. Or, he might either chokeslam you or tombstone piledriver you.

Will the undertaker record at WrestleMania become 19-0?


Has becham become a Muslim?


Can a girl become a Muslim in not be marry?

anybody can become a Muslim at anytime in their life, as long as the say the 'salah' and mean it, if they say the 'salah' they are then considered as a Muslim :P

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