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Q: Is undertaker and Kane called brothers of destruction?
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What was Kane and Undertaker name when they wore brothers?

Brothers of Destruction

Is undertaker an Kane brothers?

No, that was just a WWE storyline, there not really brothers. But in the WWE storyline, there called "the brothers of destruction". BE MIZ - BE AWSOME

Who is the scariest WWE superstar?

The Undertaker and Kane Brothers of Destruction

Who is the most dangerous in WWE?

ofcourse undertaker and Kane brothers of destruction

Will The Undertaker and Kane ever reunite to form the Brothers of Destruction again?

Kane and undertaker had a lot in common as the brothers of destruction but who knows what shall happen next.They are a perfect tag team and together will be unstopable

Is WWE Kane brothers with undertaker?

Within WWE Kayfabe, Kane and The Undertaker are infact half-brothers. They have been told to have been born from the same mother, with different fathers respectivately.

How made up the team that held the WWE and wcw?

undertaker and kane- the brothers of destruction

Do Kane and undertaker brothers?

The wrestlers The Undertaker and cane are not at all related, but the wrestling world calls them brothers. the Undertaker has four real brothers.

Have the brothers of destruction broke up?

Yes, they have, because the Undertaker can never trust Kane again.

Why does Kane say that the undertaker and him are brothers?

Its apart of a storyline. Kane and The Undertaker are kayfabe brothers.

Are the WWE superstars the undertaker and Kane real brothers?

No. The Undertaker and Kane are not real life brothers. They were storyline brothers in the WWE. They were together referred to as "The Brothers of Destruction" and were multiple time Tag team champions. Apart from storyline relationships, they are not related in real life.

Is Undertaker and Kane brother?

No, they're not actually related. They formed a duo called the Brothers of Destruction, but this was purely for entertainment purposes. They are not half brothers, or anything but co-workers, for that matter.