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Q: Is undertaker Kanes brother
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How was Kanes childhood?

it was horrible ...he found out undertaker was not his brother

What happened to kanes brother?

If you mean the undertaker well then he is in wwe

Is Kane undertaker real brother?

yes they are brothers and paul bearer is not kanes father the undertakers dead father is kanes father

Is Lita starting to love Kane?

No she is not.If she was kanes brother the undertaker would have been very angry

How are Kane and The Undertaker half brothers?

In 1997, Paul Bearer brought Kane to the WWE ( then WWF ) to challenge the Undertaker. It was revealed that he was the Half-Brother of the Undertaker, and later on that Paul Bearer is Kanes father.

Is paul bear really undertaker and kanes father in real life?

No he is not

Did Kanes and Undertaker s moms die in a fire when they were children?

yes kanes and undertakers mom die in a fire when they were children

Is undertaker brother of Kane?

No Kane is the brother of Undertaker

Is old undertaker ever giong to come back?

there was only one undertaker,but there was two kanes and the old Kane fights on tna impact

Did undertaker killed anybody?

no! They all say that he killed his parents but his house caught on fire and he is the only one who survived it besides his step brother (kane). Hmm i heard that he killed kanes father

Did Kane buryed undertaker?

NO WAY!!!! Ok when the undertaker was a little boy his mother or father died and his mom or dad married kanes mom or dad and that makes Kane undertakers step brother. And trust me I am his #1 fan in the whole entire world!! he is sooo hot!!

Was undertaker crying because his brother died?

The Undertaker's brother isn't dead, and the Undertaker doesn't cry.

How did the undertaker really die?

l think undertaker is die from is brother Kane try to die big brother undertaker

Did Undertaker's and Kanes mom die in a fire?

no Kane killed her, well it was a fire, but Kane started iit.

What are the undertaker's and Kane's real names?

Undertakers name is Mark Calaway and Kanes real name is Glen Jacobs

Does undertaker have brother or sister?

he has a sister and a brother

When did Kane get burnt and what did he look like when he got burnt?

The storyline was that the undertaker and kanes parents died in a fire and that the undertaker thought Kane to be dead as well but Kane escaped with "serious burns''

Is Kane and the Undertaker real brothers?

no Kane is not undertaker's real brother

Who is Kane to undertaker?

In the wrestling world, Kane is Undertaker's half brother.

Who is Kanes brother?

In the TV series, Kung Fu, Kwai Chang Caine 's half-brother is Danny Caine.

Do the undertaker has a twin brother?


Is mankind undertaker brother?


When did Kane first appear in the wwf?

Kane was introduced in 1997 when on a "Raw is War" Episode Paul bearer Metioned To Undertaker (Kanes Older Brother) Saying "Kane is still alive"Kane made his Debut at Badd Blood 1997 Costing his brother the match by giving him a Tombstone Piledriver In the Hell in a Cell

Is Kane and The undertaker brother's?

Yes, they are infact blood brother's.

Is Kane and undertaker real brother?

the undertaker and Kane are both half brothers

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