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it really depends on the treadmill. a lot of treadmills have a visual of one lap. also you can always check by looking at the screen for your distance. no it is almost .2 of a mile less but if you do a little extra it would be close enough to a real track mile

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Yeah because the ground isn't moving.

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Q: Is treadmill running different then track running?
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Is running on a treadmill slower or faster then running on a track?


How much does the Nordic Track treadmill cost?

The Nordic Track treadmill is a name brand treadmill and is very expensive. You will want to visit the Nordic Track treadmill website to find out how much the treadmill is and how much shipping will be.

Where can I get some shoes for running on a treadmill?

If you are looking for running shoes to run on a treadmill, then there are many different places to find them. The best brand to get would be Nike, and you can get them at the mall, or online.

What is a lap on a treadmill?

A mile on a running machine is 4 laps. One lap is a quarter mile.

What maintenance is recommended to keep treadmills running smoothly?

In order to keep a treadmill running smoothly, an individual must make sure the treadmill belt is in good, working condition. Treadmill belts need to be well lubricated in order to function properly as the continuous friction causes wear and tear on the belt. If the treadmill belt is slipping, then the belt needs to be tightened. Also, always check to make sure the timing belt is centered on the track.

Does this treadmill track total miles walked?

Yes this treadmill has a feature included on its display that will track the total distance that has been traveled as well as calories burnt.

Is using treadmills better the running or jogging outside?

If you were to work equally hard for equally long, you would burn the same amount outside as on a treadmill. Running outside have two advantages: -it's less boring - it usually offers more natural variation which tend to make outside a better workout. OTOH outside can be too hot/cold/rainy/sunny/scarytraffic/dark etc etc, in which case a treadmill workout is better than no workout.

What is the cost of Nordic Track 2500R treadmill?

$350 - $450 add $25 for each program included with the treadmill

Is running on the treadmill just as good as running outside?

In short, yes. However when running on a treadmill it drags your legs which in fact makes it easier then running outside. But from a purely fitness perspective they are just as good.

What are good treadmill runners for getting good daily exercise?

The Smooth 9.65LC is one of the best treadmills out there for running. It is very smooth and has a variety of different options. I have used this treadmill so I can vouch for its quality.

What are the best Reebok trainers to wear whilst running on a treadmill?

The best Reebok trainers to wear when using a treadmill would depend on if you intend to do running or walking while using the treadmill. You would want a trainer designed specifically for the type of exercise you plan to do on the treadmill.

Where do you think I could purchase a Nordic track treadmill?

You can purchase a Nordic track treadmill online or locally if there is a store near your home that carries them. Online may be a better option to find one.