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It depends on the type of meet. There are some meets that are dual meets (as in only two teams running against each other). However, there are many meets where there are 20+ teams all running against each other.

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Q: Is track and field a dual sport?
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What is widely considered to be the oldest sport known to humankind?

Track and Field

When did track and field become an olympic sport?

When did track become a sport

What is the sport track?

Track and field athletics.

Which is the oldest sport of the following sports?

Track and Field-Apex

What is the oldest collegiate sport?

The oldest collegiate sport is known for being track and field. Track and Field has been played since ancient Greece.

Is track and field an individual sport?

The sport of track and field is mainly made up of individual events. But there are team events, which consist of relay races.

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.

What is track and field how it is?

It is an athletic events that take place on a running track and a nearby field; track events and field events. Track and field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing.

What sport does lee Pearson do?

track and field

Carl Lewis sport?

Track and Field

What was the sport of Carl Lewis?

Track and Field.

What sport does hurdle belong to?

track and field

Which sport makes you faster?

Track And Field

What was the first gymnastic sport?

track and field.

Give a definition of track and field?

Track and field is a sport consisting of a series of competitive events involving running on an oval track and jumping and throwing on an adjoining field.

Is high jump a olympic sport?

It is one event in the sport Track and Field.

What is the costliest sport in the world?

Track and Field, I think the most costliest sport.

What is Greg Rutherford's sport?

His sport is track and field with a specialization in the long jump.

What about Track and Field?

Track and field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing.

What sport did darry play?

1971 track and field

What sport does carl Lewis play?

Track and Field

In which sport does carl Lewis compete in?

Track and Field

What sport is Carl Lewis famous for?

Track and Field

Carl Lewis is associated with what sport?

Track and Field

What sport is carl Lewis famous in?

Track and Field

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