Is tony roma a football player?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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no he owened a bar in north miami. but sold out to clint mechison the owner of the cowboys

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Q: Is tony roma a football player?
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When was Tony Roma's created?

Tony Roma's was created in 1972.

What is Micheal morpurgo's favorite football player?

tony graham

Who is The best 2009 football player in the NFL?

tony romo

What is football player tony's last name?

Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Gonzalez is a Tight End.

What car does Tony drive?

Tony Romo has been driving a 2012 BMW. He was driving this car when he was involved in a car accident in 2014. Dallas quarterback. Roma is most famous for his exceptional drive on the football field.

How tall is the American football player Tony Gonzalez?

American football player Tony Gonzalez is reported to be 6 ft. 5 inches tall. In the metric system this converts to 1.96m tall. Tony currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Who is the hottest footballer on earth?

The hottest football player on earth is a matter of opinion. Tony Romo is the hottest football player on earth in my opinion.

Who is the best football player in Italy?

Their StrikerIf you see that Fransisco Totti is a regular goal scorer for the years he has played for Roma.

Tony Rice former football player where is he now an doing what?

selling insurance

Who is big tony in the blind side?

I believe you are talking about a professional football player ;)

Is the football player Tony Romo a Cuban?


Which player scored a penalty against pat jennings with no football boots on?

Tony the Tiger