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No, although it was mentioned that he was the last to do it by an announcer during an NFL game, I find that hard to believe as Tony Dungy never threw a TD pass in his career. (according to Football

He did have 9 career interceptions as a DB and threw 2 career interceptions..Perhaps he was the last to throw and catch an interception in the same game or this feat was done in preseason.

Many others have accomplished this feat though in the early years of football when players often played 2 ways. Most notably, Sammy Baugh who did this in a playoff game Sunday, December 19, 1943 against the NY Giants. He threw an 11 yard TD pass to Ted Lapka and intercepted 2 passes in a Redskins 28-0 win. He also accomplished this feat in another playoff game on Sunday, December 13, 1942 against the Bears. He threw a 38 yard TD pass to Wilbur Moore and intercepted a pass as well in a Redskins 14-6 victory.

I'm not sure what the previous answer actually answered, as you never mentioned throwing a touchdown pass. The correct answer to your question is yes. He is the only player to intercept a pass and throw an interception in the same game.

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Q: Is tony dungy the only player to both catch and throw an interception in the same game?
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