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Q: Is tonight India vs srilanka t20 match?
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Whom did India played their 1st T20 match?


In which year India play its first t20 match?


When is t20 cricket match between India vs Australia?

saurav ganguly

India vs Scotland t20 world cup 2007?

Match Abandoned - No Result

From which team India have chances of match in super8 of t20 world cup?

south africa

Who bowled last over of inauguaral T20 championship?

The last over of the inaugural t20 championship was bowled by Johinder Sharma. The last match was between India and Pakistan. in that match misba was the batsman and the team needed 13 runs.Johinder cleverly bowled and won the match for India.

Which countries won ICC world cup and when?

1975-west indies[vs australia] 1979-west indies[england] 1983-India[west indies] 1987-australia[england] 1992-pakistan[australia] 1996-srilanka[australia] 1999-australia[england] 2003-australia[India] 2007-australia[srilanka] t20 2007-India[pakistan} 2009-pakistan[srilanka]

Who won the world t20 competition?

2007- India won against Pakistan by 5 runs. 2009- Pakistan won against Srilanka by 8 wickets.

Name the cricket captain of srilanka in t20 2010?

Kumar Sangakkara

Pakistan Vs India ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Match 16?

Pakistan Vs India ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Match 16 Live Cricket Score with ball by ball commentary, Stats, Graphs, Match Results, and full scoreboard at

Where watch India vs south Africa t20 match live online?

Answer this question...yes

Which team won the 2ND T20 cricket world cup?

pakistan beat srilanka in final to wind second t20 worldcup