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yes he is very good

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Q: Is tire javon pritchett good at football?
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Are triangle tire good?

No. They not good.

How do you get the tire off of the tire swing on poptropica?

good luck

Is Cooper Discover tire a good tire?

I haven't tried that one, but Cooper has an excellent reputation, so I would imagine it to be a very good tire.

Are Aurora tires a good tire?

Aurora tires are made in South Korea by Hankook Tire company. They may be a very good tire but I would not buy them.

Whats a cheap tire place in his/her area?

A good one is Tire Depot , there service is amazing and you do not have to wait that long for them to get the tire ready.Another good one is America Tires there great place with a good selection.

Is the General Altimax RT tire considered a top rated tire?

It's considered a very good tire.

Where can one find a good tire company in America?

The United States of America has many good tire companies. Firestone, Goodyear, Cooper, and B.F. Goodrich are all examples of good American tire companies.

Does temperature affect the amount of air in a football?

Yes, the football will appear "flat" as the air compresses in cold weather. Air expands as it warms, and so air in a football, tire, etc. will do the same.

How can you improve on your cutting skills for football?

outside leg lifts, tire drills, calf raises

Is nexus tire a good tire?

they are good, just don't expect a lot. They are about a 30,000 mile tire most cases. I've seen them do pretty well though for the money. not bad.

doseCanadian tire deliver on Good Friday?

dose canadin tire deliver on Friday?

What is proper tire balance for a 95 Cutlass?

32lbs each tire is a good bet.