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No, I've never seen it in my lifetime. I have seen some throws come close but the momentum of the ball died in the grass infield.

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Q: Is throwing a baseball 400 feet possible?
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How far does a wood bat hit a baseball?

upto 400 feet

How many feet is 400 metres?

400 feet = 121.92 meters

Is it possible for a human being to throwa baseball from home plate over the outfield wall of a Major League baseball field?

Yes it is possible for a human to throw a baseball from home plate over the outfield wall of a major league stadium. This is a distance of about 320 to 400 feet. According to the New York Times Sheldon Lejeune of the Evansville Club of the Central League threw a baseball 426 feet 6 and 1/4 inches breaking the world record by 25 feet 10 inches.

What is the total acres if you have a parcel of land that is 400 feet wide and 400 feet deep?

400 by 400 feet = 160,000 square feet 160,000 square feet = 3.6730946 acres

How many feet in 400 m?

400 m = 400/0.3048 feet

How many feet are 400 linear feet?


How many feet is equal to 400 meters?

400 meters = about 1,312.34 feet.

Steve hit the baseball 400 feet Lesley hit the golf ball 300 yards How many feet farther did the golf ball travel than the baseball?

300 yards is equal to 900 feet, so the answer is 500 feet.

How much 400 feet is?

400 meters = 1,312.33596 feet.

How many meters equals 400 feet?

400 feet is equivalent to approximately 121.92 meters.

How far could shoeless joe Jackson throw?

it is claimed he could throw a baseball 400 feet

How far do you have to hit the baseball to hit a home run is it different for each ball park or the same in major league baseball and little league baseball?

it varies, from under 300 feet to well over 400 feet.